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NYX Gaming is not just a name in the gaming industry; it’s a testament to innovation, quality, and reliability. A powerhouse in digital gaming, NYX Gaming is setting new standards in the industry, leaving its competitors trailing behind.

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NYX Gaming Casinos

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  • Live Casino Bonus
  • Lots of promotions
€500 Bonus
200 Free Spins
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  • Missions
  • Drop & Win
  • VIP Manager
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  • VIP Club
  • Cashback Available
  • Crypto payments
Up To €1,850
500 Cash spins
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NYX Gaming data

Headquarter: Las Vegas, USA
Established: 1999
Number of Employees: 350
Online Slots Released:
Jackpots: No
Slots Themes:
Slots Features:

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About NYX Gaming

Unparalleled Gaming Experience

NYX Gaming has a diverse portfolio that spans across various genres and platforms. Their commitment to delivering an immersive and engaging gaming experience is evident in the cutting-edge technology and creativity that forms the bedrock of their offerings.

Technological Excellence

At the heart of NYX Gaming’s success is its consistent emphasis on technological excellence. By leveraging state-of-the-art technology, NYX Gaming ensures superior gameplay, rich graphics, and seamless user interfaces. Each game is a testament to NYX Gaming’s technological prowess, showcasing immersive environments and smooth, intuitive gameplay.

Innovation and Creativity

Innovation is the lifeblood of NYX Gaming. The company is consistently pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in digital gaming, bringing fresh and exciting concepts to life. Its creative approach is evident in the unique game themes, features, and mechanics that keep players engaged and coming back for more.

Robust Portfolio

NYX Gaming’s robust portfolio spans a wide range of games, from casino staples like slots and table games to lottery and bingo. Each game is meticulously crafted to deliver a thrilling gaming experience.

Unforgettable Slots Games

NYX Gaming’s portfolio of slots games is nothing short of impressive. Each game offers a unique blend of stunning graphics, captivating sound effects, and immersive gameplay. From classic slots to progressive jackpots, NYX Gaming’s slots cater to every player’s preference.

Engaging Table Games

For fans of table games, NYX Gaming does not disappoint. Their table games, from blackjack to roulette, are designed with utmost precision and attention to detail. The lifelike graphics and smooth gameplay make for an engaging and immersive gaming experience.

Industry Recognition

NYX Gaming’s commitment to quality and innovation has not gone unnoticed. The company has garnered numerous awards and accolades, underscoring its position as a leading player in the gaming industry.

Awards and Accolades for NYX Gaming

NYX Gaming’s excellence has been recognized by industry experts and peers alike. The company has received numerous awards for its innovative games and technological prowess, solidifying its reputation as a pioneer in the gaming industry.

The Acquisition of NYX Gaming by Scientific Games: A Strategic Masterstroke

The acquisition of NYX Gaming by Scientific Games, January 2018, represents a major milestone in the digital gaming industry. This significant merger has not only created a powerhouse in the field of digital gaming and lottery, but it also outlines a strategic masterstroke from both companies.

Visionary Merger

Scientific Games, a global leader in the gambling and lottery niche, recognized the potential in NYX Gaming’s technology, reach, and diverse portfolio. By acquiring NYX Gaming, Scientific Games was able to augment their offerings and create a holistic gaming experience for their consumers.

Pioneering Technology and Digital Expertise

The cornerstone of NYX Gaming’s success is their pioneering technology and digital expertise. By incorporating these into Scientific Games’ robust framework, this merger has propelled Scientific Games to the forefront of the digital gaming market.

Expansion of Portfolio

The acquisition provided Scientific Games with access to NYX Gaming’s expansive portfolio of casino games. This vast portfolio, coupled with Scientific Games’ strong presence in the lottery and social games market, allowed for the creation of an unparalleled gaming experience.

Strategic Advantages

The strategic advantages of this acquisition are manifold. It allowed Scientific Games to leverage NYX Gaming’s superior digital platform, OpenBet, known for its scalable, flexible, and reliable solutions. OpenBet’s leadership in sports betting solutions amplified Scientific Games’ capabilities in this rapidly growing segment.

A Boost to Market Presence

Scientific Games’ acquisition of NYX Gaming significantly enhanced their global footprint. NYX Gaming’s wide-reaching network enabled Scientific Games to extend their reach to new demographics and geographic markets.

Enhanced Revenue Streams

The merger also facilitated the diversification of Scientific Games’ revenue streams. By integrating NYX Gaming’s digital games into their product suite, Scientific Games was able to access an expanded customer base, leading to higher revenue generation.


In conclusion, the acquisition of NYX Gaming by Scientific Games was a strategic decision that consolidated their market position and set the stage for future growth. By merging their expertise and offerings, both companies have demonstrated their commitment to innovation, quality, and an enriched user experience.

NYX Gaming Slot machines